Jan 18, 2012

Along with censorship for Google & Facebook

As Mr. Kapil Sibal and Government is concerned about ‘certain content’ on google and facebook, I am worried about certain content and acts in our society

1.  Porno Sites, Magazines which carry nude / semi-nude photographs of women,   
     including Tamil  Magazines.

2.  Hindutva Horoscope Telecasts on national channels like Times Now & other  
     regional channels, Temple utsavas, semi-nude dance / filmy programs, family  
     panchayat programs, competition programs that exploit Children.

3.  Apart from the above disgusting programs, advertisements of Malayali
    Capitalist firms that appear  inbetween Mullaip Periyar issue & other issues of
    Tamils like ‘eezham’ in ‘Pro-Tamil’ channels. The ‘crocodile Tears’ telecast of
     such Channels on the  ‘revolutionary groups’ who condemn the ‘opposite’
     group rather than the betrayers of our own soil. 

4.  Semi-nude Pictures, Content on the Online Shopping sites.

5.  The life threatening Products like ‘gold, silver, platinum, diamond’ etc.,

6.  The agreements of Multi National Corporate like Wal-Mart. in retail business.

7.  Agreements for Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Energy & the existing Nuclear Plants

8. The land acquisition amongst the Tribes, the modernization process, Killing of
    People who protest & try to safeguard their livelihoods.

9.  The Violation of Human Rights by the Military, the Rapes, the insecurity &
     threat to People who expose these acts.

10.  Apart from this the Luxurious Travel Expenses of Rulers & Politicians.

Request the ‘Rulers’, Political Members of the ruling part to recommend the above to Supreme Court from ban of the above in our Country. (list may add on…….)

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