Dec 20, 2010

An emergency letter to parents who produce Slaves of Economy:

Dear Parents,

Do you think that to be rich and fame is the only purpose of Life? Do you force yourself and your Children towards that purpose, and then this letter is for you.

Ironically, the greed to attain Fame in your minds acts as branding your Children through Reality Shows in Television Channels or become famous through Media.  Your Children are becoming the victims of your ruthless greed.  Yes your greed to identify yourself as a parent of a much talented-famous child, your greed to swank about your efforts in producing a famous child through the Glamour Media is to be considered as the only reason in you indulging in such Child exploitation.  This act of yours is no less than Child Labor and could also be treated as Humans who are insensitive to Child Molestation.  To be precise, this act of branding through Media implies your desire to become famous and rich through your Children in a short period of time.

Your Children are not your Children
They come through you but not from you
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you
You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

Wrote Khalil Gibran in his book ‘The Prophet’.  The need of this hour is to paraphrase those words.

The World of Children is not about their future, but it is about being a child at the present.  Your dreams cannot be thrust upon them as their future.  The act of forcing or training them to score high marks, become first in everything, be multifaceted and attain fame results in production of Capitalist Machines than a fellow Human being.

The day is not farther, when you may have to bow your heads in shame when they question you of this exploitation of their innocent priceless Childhood. Sowing your greed as raising the foundation for your Children’s future is only a disputation against your own conscience.

In recent times, most parents are indulging in full-fledged vision to make their Children a popular person.  Thus it is to be noted that you are producing Slaves of ‘Capitalist-Economy’.  We could arrive at this conclusion because you only seem to expose them to everything by which they can easily earn fame, prosperity and money.  Why is it so? The point to be noted here is that these directions to which they are exposed are accessible only to the upper and Rich Class.  Today, every street corner threatens us with the need for improving a Child’s intelligence and skills to become tomorrows Capitalists.  This is done by today’s Capitalists encouraged by greedy parents.  This has resulted in multiple after School activities for Children.  Have you ever observed that even Machines have ‘load-capacity’ guidelines?  Do your Children have one?

If those brain development training is of absolute Value, shouldn’t that be reachable and affordable to all class of Children? In that case the Education Department may take steps to include that in the Curriculum.  My dear Parents, who dedicatedly think and worry about the results of the television Programs please take time to think about the ‘Childhood-betrayal’ you do to your beloved Children.

Capitalists need Media to advertise and create a demand for their products.  And a Media can win in this race by showing high T.R.P (Television Rating Point).  Thus they constantly create Programs / Concepts to fool the Public and bind them to their Channel Programs.  Reality shows and talk shows are the best tool for attracting the viewers and to increase their T.R.P. Parents and Participants fall a prey to these Glamorous strategies, because of greed to become a popular face.  Its recent target is Women and Children.

The Children who are brought up with extreme exposure to the Globalized Capitalists Lifestyle by knowing pizzas and pastas may not have tolerance to the Children of the lower economic class, marginalized community Children and the Children studying at Corporation Schools.   Your Children are exposed to top brands and Malls in the name of providing the best of everything.  Again the irony is that these are the Children of the future who leave their Parents in Senior Citizen homes running to foreign Countries to gain more and more Money.  This is the achievement of the Globalized-Metro Cities.  You bring them up as ATM Machines for your future by shelling out the Capitalist Money today and by exploiting their Childhood innocence and they grow up as ATM machines lending their services to the Capitalists Society, insensitive to the Lower Economic Class struggles.

On the other hand the Children of the villages and lower economic classes learn to suppress their desires considering the economy of their parents and value of their Parents who bring them up with hard earned money. Choice is yours Parents, either to loose them to the Greed of the Capitalists Tactics or loose your Greed.
A few questions to those Fame Chasing Parents who consider talent as only Singing and Dancing:

  1. When you train your Children to sing and dance those Double Meaning Vulgar film Songs with suitable expressions do you also teach them the meaning of those erotic lyrics?
  2. What kind of ideologies will develop in the minds of the Children who learn these anti-gender songs against the opposite sex? What kind of Sexual Discrimination will these Children develop towards their opposite sex? What effect will it have on society?
  3. What is the outcome of Life that your Children will attain because of this fame? Can you explain your satisfactory goals in it? How beneficial is it to the society?
  4. Today the Children sing those Bedroom Numbers on Stage for Competition and Fame; will you courageously replay these expressions once they become adult?
  5. If so what would be the emotional experience that your son or daughter would go through?
  6. Will you allow your Children to emote and sing those Item Songs on the road also? If so do you expect some tribulations? How would you train your daughter to manage the attacks from the opposite sex?
  7. When you allow your daughter to wear those glamorous dresses for stage purpose and dance, will you all them to where the same kind of dress in public also? If not how will you face your Child? If yes what kind of responsibility will you take in seducing the opposite sex?
  8. Apart from being Rich and Fame, Knowing Good and Bad there are things that should be avoided in a society like ours where there is so much of Social, Cultural and Financial Discrimination and where the Capitalists use these discriminations to Divide, Manipulate and Rule. Are you aware of them?
  9. What kind of compensation will you lend to your Child who goes through mental trauma because of being forced to become famous and the mental trauma you cause to other Children and Parents who do not get such opportunity because of the Socio-Economic Reasons?
  10. How do you feel when you read news about Child-Rape? Have you ever thought of the Social-Cultural dogmas and the conflicting factors that contribute to such brutal activities?
  11. What kind of efforts and struggles has these film Personalities and Media that you worship have contributed for the upliftment of Children, Women and the Marginalized Communities?
  12. Finally are they your Children or are they your Slaves?
They are our Children, Pillars of the Future. Let us Discuss my Friends.... 


  1. Your Children are not your Children
    They come through you but not from you//
    Khalil Gibran's words are 100% true
    The most essential post for the present day scenario warm wishes to u