Feb 15, 2012

Racist Notion, Sexist Discrimination, Humiliation to Women – Fair & Handsome fairness cream for Men

“Fair & Handsome cream for Men advertisement  humiliates a man for using “Feminine Products”.  It projects & propagates that ‘feminine qualities’ are inferior. They disseminate that men who have feminine qualities will not be respected by the society. It shows that women will fall for men who are “Manly” thus degrading the qualities of Women. These ‘Manly’ concepts create stress & wrong ideologies in the minds of Men. The Portrayal of such masculinity contributes to be the important reason for humiliating the queer people. Most of the ‘Women’ products designed & marketed by Capitalists target the Male Gaze present in the society and wants to retain it for their ‘marketing’.
Movment Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexism condemns the Racist Notion, Sexist Discrimination, Humiliation to Women in Fair & Handsome fairness cream for Men Advertisement.   We will be taking up all forms of protest to get this advertisement banned.  One such step is to gain support via e-petition. More signatures will help us approach legal institution and convince them to condemn this Gender bias. As People who value ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Equality’ I request you to kindly sign the petition and also share it with your friends and circles.
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We from M.A.S.E. S demand that Fair & Handsome Cream for Men 'Bailwan' Advertisement to be withdrawn
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Ask Emani Group to stop telecasting gender discriminating advertisement.
To sign the petition pl click

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