Feb 18, 2011

A Sluggish and Gambling game Cricket

A Sluggish and Gambling game Cricket is being promoted as if it is the only Pride for India.  People who are least bothered about the Poverty in India are conducting Brahminical Yagnas praying that India should win. Capitalists sow the love for this game in the name of Nationalism and Patriotism. A big scam and Economical exploitation is being done in the name of Cricket. There is no aspect of Indian Culture in this game. It only results in loosing our Economy to the Multinational Capitalists and Indian Capital Giants.

Amidst this, the geed of Capitalists has entered the School Premises. In the name of motivational games, they are sneaking into the minds of Children. Today a Business group has entered into school and conducted a ‘Stump Game’.  One stump was placed and a ball was given to children to knock it down in 1 throw.  The reward for that game was announced as a chance for the Children to accompany an Indian Cricket Player during his Intro walk. I am surprised that Schools encourage such Advertising opportunities which the Business groups execute tactically. Who give rights to Schools to decide if such things are an opportunity for Children?

The Capitalists corner the minds of Public from all directions, now they are perverting the minds of Children under the label  “Motivational activities”.  It is not clear if the schools are encouraging this  knowing the tactics of the Business firms Or are their any other hidden benefits behind this?? The Capitalists are deciding what is important and respectful in the society and disseminate the bourgeois likes amongst the society and now the Children are also made victim.

The Cricket Mania has been an endemic disease for the past several years, which is also spreading in Villages.  It is worrying to think that our Children are surrounded by innumerous conceptual dangers.

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